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ALUMI-TEC is a product of Blackhawk Metals. Based out of Elkhart, Indiana in the heart of the trailer and RV market, we have the closest feel on the industry. Supplying trailer manufacturers across the country with the best products and sheet.


Our goal with Alumi-Tec is to provide brand-new, cutting-edge aluminum composite panels made special for the cargo trailer industry. They are made from aluminum sheets with a polymer-based core. The aluminum of Alumi-Tec provides the typical corrosive resistant properties while the polymer core increases the rigidity and decreases the buckling caused by traditional aluminum sheet. The .080" thickness of the panels provides rigidity and is much more resistant to buckling or wrinkling compared to the thick, expensive .050" aluminum sheet while being lighter in weight.

Contact us at or your local trailer dealer today about getting Alumi-Tec Panels on your new trailer!

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