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Brand new, cutting-edge aluminum composite panels made special for the cargo trailer industry. They are made from aluminum sheets with a polymer-based core. The aluminum of Alumi-Tec provides the typical corrosive resistant properties while the polymer core increases the rigidity and decreases the buckling caused by traditional aluminum sheet. The added sheet and polymer core to the panels provide the rigidity of the thick, expensive .050" aluminum sheet while being lighter weight and less expensive.
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Details & Specifications

ALUMI-TEC is a three-layer sandwich panel consisting of 2 pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a high-quality polyethylene (PE) core. We maintain the highest quality standards using near-virgin polyethylene and the highest-quality paint in the industry. Eye-catching, durable, and lightweight. ALUMI-TEC combines all of the best qualities of typical painted aluminum while being lightweight, strong, and rigid while maintaining enough flexibility to not crack or break when put through the rigorous use of a typical enclosed cargo trailer.

ALUMI-TEC easily bonds with all of the current material on the market from 3M tape, sikaflex, screws, rivets, etc.

ALUMI-TEC vs. Standard Aluminum Sheet


ALUMI-TEC is lightweight, and weighs the same as .040" painted aluminum while providing more than 10x the strength of standard painted aluminum used in many trailers. ALUMI-TEC has been engineered to be flexible enough to take the rigorous beating of being towed without cracking.

Eye Appeal:

ALUMI-TEC has a smooth finish and eliminates all of the "OIL CAN" or buckling look of standard aluminum sheet

Painted Finish:

ALUMI-TEC is in a league of its own with a 3-5 year DOI (Distinction of Image) that puts it in the same class as most automotive finishes. 

Distinction of Image:

DOI is measured to characterize the visual appearance of polished high-quality gloss surfaces such as automotive car finish, and mirrors, beyond the capabilities of gloss.

DOI is a technical term for 'Orange Peel'

The orange peel look that is present in painted aluminum and other competing aluminum composite panels is near zero.

ALUMI-TEC vs. Other Aluminum Composite Panels

  • ALUMI-TEC's superior finish with the highest DOI is at the top of the market.

  • Eye appeal of ALUMI-TEC separates it from the competition. Painted on both sides to provide the ultimate versatility in use.

  • ALUMI-TEC is offered in more colors and finishes than any competing product on the market.

  • ALUMI-TEC is offered in a wide variety of lengths as well as custom lengths compared to its competitors who typically only stock a small amount of lengths. 

  • Superior strength and consistency using the highest quality raw materials available to maintain the highest quality and most consistent finish.

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